Year 14, Day 279 (Discovery Leaves Kerbin for Laythe!)

Discovery undocks from Kerbin Spaceport!

“OK – I’m backing Discovery away from the Spaceport… nice and slow!”


“Reactors are powering up – looks like full power should be available!”


Jeb activates the three Magneto-Plasma-Dynamic thrusters and Discovery takes off!

Everything looks good! We should be ready for the Cryo-Chambers!


Jeb hops in…

Then Bill and Bob!

Freezing in 3….2…1…. “


With a “ding!” the Discovery crew is frozen in stasis…when they wake up, they should arrive at Jool!

Discovery sails away from Kerbin – radio systems will allow for remote piloting, and monitoring of the crew!

“See you guys in a few years!”


The three components of Discovery’s mission should all be in place by Year 17!

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