Year 18, Day 137 (KSEA Announces New Advanced Duna Lander!)

KSEA is excited to release plans for the next Duna Lander, the Advanced Duna Lander! Succeeding the Super Duna Lander, this new craft has greater deltaV, and additional life support and crew space – able to carry FOUR Kerbals!

The re-usable lander will launch on a Sarnus Va rocket, and travel a few days behind the Explorer 7 mission to Duna!

Year 8, Day 363 (Explorer 3 Returns to Duna Spaceport!)


The lander retracts its solar panels and the crew prepares to return to the Duna Spaceport after a successful mission exploring the Western Canyon!


Launch is a go!  So far so good… hold on everyone!



Edan pilots the lander into orbit…


and rendezvouses with Duna Spaceport!


Almost got it… waiting for the docking clamp to lock!



Success!  The Explorer 3 crew returns form their second mission to the surface of Duna!

Year 8, Day 361 (Explorer 3 Crew Explore Duna’s Western Canyon)


Since she didn’t get a chance to go on the first Explorer 3 landing, Glenica gets to climb out first!





After everyone has some fun jumping around in the low(er) gravity of Duna, Glenica picks a good spot for the flag.


“This looks like a good spot… here we go!”



The crew poses for their landing portrait!

Great picture everyone, that’s the best one yet!

-Gene, KSEA Mission Control

The crew will rest before their next EVA, then return to Duna Spaceport for the next mission!




Year 8, Day 276 (Explorer 3 Lands on Duna!)


With the landing site selected the Explorer 3 crew is ready for their first mission down to Duna!


Edan detaches the Super Duna Lander from the Spaceport!


Air brakes deployed… we’re on track for a good landing!



The lander’s parachute deploys!


The Super Duna Lander touches down on Duna, and Edan climbs out…


Followed by Sean!  After the landing portrait, they start work on gathering samples and determining where to go next!

Year 8, Day 273 (Explorer 3 Arrives At Duna!)

screenshot400.pngExplorer 3 arrives at Duna after a very long voyage!  Edan, Glenica, and Sean are ready to stretch their legs in the Duna Spaceport Habitat!

Ok – let’s rendezvous with the Spaceport!


screenshot402.pngExplorer 3 moves in to dock with Duna Spaceport…


We’ve got a lock!  Docking complete!



I see the Super Duna Lander out there – systems fully powered down… you’ll have to go grab it and dock it with the Spaceport Edan!


screenshot406.pngEdan EVA’s over to the lander….


Almost there…



Edan arrives at the Super Duna Lander and powers up all systems!


Bringing the lander in to dock….



Success!  The new lander docks with Duna Spaceport!  With the Advanced Atmospheric Lander the crew will be able to send landings down beyond the equatorial band that the previous lander limited them to.

Back on Kerbin, KSEA begins construction of a refuelling craft for the Duna Spaceport.

Year 7, Day 133 (Super Duna Lander Launch!)

screenshot41.pngThe Advanced Atmospheric Lander (the Super Duna Lander) blasts off from KSC!


The lander is being launched ahead of the next Duna Mission, and will arrive at the Duna Spaceport ready to use (hopefully!). screenshot45.png

The lander safely arrives in Kerbin Orbit, and starts its transfer to Duna – in 225 the the mission should arrive at Duna Spaceport!  screenshot47.png

“That’s my kind of launch – clean and no problems. Well done team!”

-Gene Kerman

Year 7, Day 27 (Explorer 2 Crew returns from Duna Crater landing!)


Mitster and Dunwin blast off – heading back to Duna Spaceport!


“This many missions has left us all exhausted!  It’ll be good to get back to Kerbin!”


Indeed, Explorer 2 has set the record for the most consecutive landings done by one crew!  It’s hoped that the next crew will be able to exceed that, however, using the new “Super Duna Lander”!


“Hmmm… I’m having some trouble connecting the lander with with the docking port!”


“Try spinning!  That’s a good trick!”


“That did it!  We’re docked!  Nice thinking Dunwin!”



The lander docks successfully with Duna Spaceport, and the Explorer 2 team reviews all of the science data they’ve collected over 4 separate landings on the red world of Duna! Their only mission now is to prepare for the return home!

Year 7, Day 19 (Advanced Atmospheric Lander, The Super Duna Lander, Announced!

Super Duna Lander.png

KSEA releases the designs for the next generation Duna Lander, the Advanced Atmospheric Lander, more popularly known around KSEA as the Super Duna Lander!

The new lander is quite larger than its predecessor, with about 40 percent greater D/V. The addition of Aero Brakes should allow the vehicle to land more precisely. The existing research lander at the Duna spaceport will be reserved for emergencies!

Year 7, Day 18 (Mitster and Kimmy Return to Duna Spaceport!)


After fully cataloging the findings at the Great Face on Duna, Mitster and Kimmy blast off, returning to the Duna Spaceport!


“Wow, that face is huge! You can see it all the way from here!”



The explorers dock at the Spaceport and rest after a long mission!

“That mission really pushed our fuel reserves – we barely had enough to rendezvous with the station! Some brainy Kerbals back at KSC should probably get to work on a second generation lander… a Super Duna Lander!”