Year 7, Day 19 (Advanced Atmospheric Lander, The Super Duna Lander, Announced!

Super Duna Lander.png

KSEA releases the designs for the next generation Duna Lander, the Advanced Atmospheric Lander, more popularly known around KSEA as the Super Duna Lander!

The new lander is quite larger than its predecessor, with about 40 percent greater D/V. The addition of Aero Brakes should allow the vehicle to land more precisely. The existing research lander at the Duna spaceport will be reserved for emergencies!

6 thoughts on “Year 7, Day 19 (Advanced Atmospheric Lander, The Super Duna Lander, Announced!

  1. Nice lander. I can confirm the latest Near Future Spacecraft Parts mod works with KSP v1.9.1.
    I have something similar in mind for adding to a mothership and taking on a grand tour. I’m trying to work out which mod the main body for your lander (assuming it’s a fuel tank) came from. Haven’t seen anything with a skin like that before.


  2. I really like this lander design! What part mods did you use to make it? And is there anywhere I can find the craft file for this?


    • Hi and thanks! I liked this design too, but it’s for a much older version of the game (1.22) – I’m working on a modern version of it, but sadly no craft file! The part you’re probably looking for is in Near Future Spacecraft however!

      I do intend to release all my vehicles as craft files eventually, but still working on switching over a few things from my old save to this one. Who would have thought playing KSP was so complicated? 😛


  3. Love the lander design! How did you do the main structure below the command module? The texture on it is really good looking.


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