Year 8, Day 273 (Explorer 3 Arrives At Duna!)

screenshot400.pngExplorer 3 arrives at Duna after a very long voyage!  Edan, Glenica, and Sean are ready to stretch their legs in the Duna Spaceport Habitat!

Ok – let’s rendezvous with the Spaceport!


screenshot402.pngExplorer 3 moves in to dock with Duna Spaceport…


We’ve got a lock!  Docking complete!



I see the Super Duna Lander out there – systems fully powered down… you’ll have to go grab it and dock it with the Spaceport Edan!


screenshot406.pngEdan EVA’s over to the lander….


Almost there…



Edan arrives at the Super Duna Lander and powers up all systems!


Bringing the lander in to dock….



Success!  The new lander docks with Duna Spaceport!  With the Advanced Atmospheric Lander the crew will be able to send landings down beyond the equatorial band that the previous lander limited them to.

Back on Kerbin, KSEA begins construction of a refuelling craft for the Duna Spaceport.

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