Year 8, Day 273 (Explorer 3 Arrives At Duna!)

screenshot400.pngExplorer 3 arrives at Duna after a very long voyage!  Edan, Glenica, and Sean are ready to stretch their legs in the Duna Spaceport Habitat!

Ok – let’s rendezvous with the Spaceport!


screenshot402.pngExplorer 3 moves in to dock with Duna Spaceport…


We’ve got a lock!  Docking complete!



I see the Super Duna Lander out there – systems fully powered down… you’ll have to go grab it and dock it with the Spaceport Edan!


screenshot406.pngEdan EVA’s over to the lander….


Almost there…



Edan arrives at the Super Duna Lander and powers up all systems!


Bringing the lander in to dock….



Success!  The new lander docks with Duna Spaceport!  With the Advanced Atmospheric Lander the crew will be able to send landings down beyond the equatorial band that the previous lander limited them to.

Back on Kerbin, KSEA begins construction of a refuelling craft for the Duna Spaceport.

Year 7, Day 18 (Mitster and Kimmy Return to Duna Spaceport!)


After fully cataloging the findings at the Great Face on Duna, Mitster and Kimmy blast off, returning to the Duna Spaceport!


“Wow, that face is huge! You can see it all the way from here!”



The explorers dock at the Spaceport and rest after a long mission!

“That mission really pushed our fuel reserves – we barely had enough to rendezvous with the station! Some brainy Kerbals back at KSC should probably get to work on a second generation lander… a Super Duna Lander!”


Year 7, Day 1 (Explorer 2 Landing at the Northern Basin!)

The new year is going to start with a new Duna landing at the Northern Basin!


Mitster and Kimmy undock from Duna Spaceport in the station lander.


“Pretty – look Mitster, it’s an “Ike-rise!””



“The descent angle appears to have been pretty close to the mark! Next time we should try overshooting a little further, the atmosphere here has more drag than you might expect!”



The lander’s parachute deploys, gliding the lander down nice and slow.


“Firing thrusters… nice and easy now… ”



Success! The lander touches down at the Northern Basin! Kimmy and Mitster take a little time to prepare for the exploration outside the lander!


Kimmy hops out, and plants the Kerbal States flag in the red sands of Duna!

“Another step forward for Kerbalkind!”


After initial scientific readings are gained, Kimmy and Mitster head off to the north to investigate the odd anomalous reading picked up by the Duna Surveyor!


It looks like a strange rock formation!


“It… it almost has a familiar shape about it!”


screenshot214.pngAs the two gallant explorers get closer, they begin to realize that the strange rock formation… Looks eerily familiar!



“I’m going to use my EVA pack to get up there and see what it looks like from above!”



It’s impossible!


A rock formation that resembles a Kerbal head!


“I find it highly unlikely this is a naturally occurring object!  Let’s take careful readings and report back to KSC immediately!


Kimmy and Mitster head back to the lander as quickly as they can!  But the 2km walk feels like a lifetime!