Year 3, Day 139 (Explorer Spacecraft Development)

Development begins on Explorer  (not to be confused with the Explorer Space Probe.) Explorer is the prototype vehicle for a future Eve mission!  While the actual mission to Eve will likely be several components, Explorer’s first mission will consist of just the main spacecraft.

Explorer will be launched without a crew, which will arrive via a Crew Shuttle!  This is necessary given the new design.

Once the crew arrives, the vehicle will leave Kerbin’s orbit, entering interplanetary space, in orbit of the Sun, then return.

If all goes well Explorer will be the basis for future crewed planetary missions!  A full working mockup of the Explorer’s Habitat Section will be launched soon as an upgrade to the KSS – this should allow ‘real world’ testing of the crew module.

Additionally, construction begins on the next Aurora Mission, Aurora 12!

Year 2, Day 252 (Explorer 1 Announced)


Construction begins on the Explorer 1 Space Probe.  The design is heavily based on the KerbSat Long Range Communications Satellite, launched earlier in Year 2.

The probe has sensors and a Mission Plaque to say “hello” to any friendly creatures it may encounter!   The probe will be launched on a Discovery 5, and should be ready quite soon.

The planned mission is a flyby of Duna and Eve, and anything else it might encounter along the way!  If the initial launch is successful, and communications are maintained, current plans are to launch multiple Explorer Probes to investigate many of Kerbin’s neighbors!