Year 2, Day 348 (Explorer Probe 1 Orbits Eve)


The Explorer 1 probe reaches Eve!   Mission Control has some spotty communications issues at first, but a slight readjustment of the Kerbin LongSat allows uninterrupted communications. screenshot617.png

At a 100k orbit, the probe is instructed to ciruclarize orbit – success!  Onboard equipment begins testing – initial readings indicate that Eve is big, and quite purple!



Year 2, Day 252 (Explorer 1 Announced)


Construction begins on the Explorer 1 Space Probe.  The design is heavily based on the KerbSat Long Range Communications Satellite, launched earlier in Year 2.

The probe has sensors and a Mission Plaque to say “hello” to any friendly creatures it may encounter!   The probe will be launched on a Discovery 5, and should be ready quite soon.

The planned mission is a flyby of Duna and Eve, and anything else it might encounter along the way!  If the initial launch is successful, and communications are maintained, current plans are to launch multiple Explorer Probes to investigate many of Kerbin’s neighbors!