Year 10, Day (Mirphe Flies Endeavor to Rescue Jeb from KSS)


The Endavor launches, piloted by Mirphe!


It’s time to (finally) rescue Jeb from the KSS, and bring an end to that station’s remarkable run!

“Orbit achieved!  Setting course for the KSS! ”



“Endeavor is at the KSS!  Moving in to dock… ”


“Is that you Mirphe?  Come on in the atmosphere is fine!!”



High above Kerbin’s deserts, Endeavor spins around (always a good trick!) and docks with the station! Jeb helps Mirphe gather all the important Science that needs to return to Kerbin, and the two return to the Crew Shuttle and undock!


Endeavor is clear of the station – preparing to return to KSC!



The two watch out the cabin windows as the KSS gets further and further away…

“I’m going to miss that place – it was our home away from home.  Now it looks so … small. ”


Endeavor performs its de-orbit burn, and starts to descend!


“Here we goooooooo!”



Endeavor falls from the sky like a comet, glowing red and moving fast!


“I see the Space Center – I’m in the pipe, five by five!”



A successful landing!  The Crew Shuttle didn’t even lose any of the aero-brakes!

“Good landing Mirphe, couldn’t have done better myself!”



“Is it good to be home Jeb?”


“It’s good to get off that station.. I think I was getting a little stir crazy in there!  But I can’t wait for the next mission!”


Jeb and Mirpe return to the Astronaut Center, and recovery crews begin work to ready Endeavor for its next launch!



The science crew on Kerbin Spaceport announce the Kuarq experiment is ready to return to Kerbin!  The Aurora Payload Vehicle detaches…


… and heads to the surface!


The spacecraft lands just 30k from the Spaceport !  Science staff at KSEA are pleased to report a great deal of science was recovered from the experiment!  Engineers note that the Payload Vehicle could use another design pass, as it handled very poorly during docking maneuvers.

Year 10, Day 227 (Science Payload Launches for Kerbin Spaceport)

Another Science Payload launches for Kerbin Spaceport!  It is unknown what kind of repeated results can be gained from the Cyclotron, this mission will find out!


The payload vehicle has been slightly redesigned, with an updated docking adapter to allow closer docking to the cyclotron itself.

The vehicle docks with the station and the crew starts studying the results on the study canisters!

Year 10, Day 226 (Explorer 5 Crew Lands on Duna!)


KSEA announces that Explorer 5 will be setting down in the Eastern Canyon – a site that is thought to be a similar to the Western Canyon, only a great deal more easterly.


Bill, Bob, and Val board the Super Duna Lander and head down to the surface!


“OK, starting our descent. Hang on everyone!”



The Super Duna Lander speeds down to the surface! Right before landing the airbrakes are stowed and the gear is deployed, as the rockets fire one last burn to slow down before landing!


“Contact!  We’re on the surface! ”


The crew prepares to head out and explore the Eastern Canyon at Duna!


The crew waits until sunrise, and starts exploring!

Year 10, Day 220 (Explorer 3 Returns Home From Duna!)


Explorer 3’s Aurora Command Pod detaches from the rest of the spacecraft, and begins its reentry into Kerbin’s atmosphere!


After the radio blackout from reentry, the chute deploys!

“We came in a little fast, but within the spacecraft’s tolerances… everything’s fine!”



The crew touches down in the highlands, and quickly hop out to enjoy fresh air again!

“Feels good to be back on solid ground, but standing up in this gravity is hard!”


Rescue teams are already en route to rescue the crew (and all the precious scientific data they brought back from Duna!

“I can’t wait to inspect those samples in the lab!”




Year 10, Day 202 (Explorer 5 Arrives At Duna Spaceport!)


Explorer 5 Arrives in Duna Orbit, and the on board systems automatically eject the Kerbin-Orbit docking adapter (The larger “senior” size docking port is required for docking to the Spaceport!)


Val thaws from cryogenic stasis first!

Alright – I’m moving Explorer in to dock with the Spaceport!



Bill and Bob thaw next!

The crew reports feeling fine, even after such a long cryo-sleep!  After a week the crew’s health will be evaluated and if all is well, the first landing will commence!