Year 10, Day (Mirphe Flies Endeavor to Rescue Jeb from KSS)


The Endavor launches, piloted by Mirphe!


It’s time to (finally) rescue Jeb from the KSS, and bring an end to that station’s remarkable run!

“Orbit achieved!  Setting course for the KSS! ”



“Endeavor is at the KSS!  Moving in to dock… ”


“Is that you Mirphe?  Come on in the atmosphere is fine!!”



High above Kerbin’s deserts, Endeavor spins around (always a good trick!) and docks with the station! Jeb helps Mirphe gather all the important Science that needs to return to Kerbin, and the two return to the Crew Shuttle and undock!


Endeavor is clear of the station – preparing to return to KSC!



The two watch out the cabin windows as the KSS gets further and further away…

“I’m going to miss that place – it was our home away from home.  Now it looks so … small. ”


Endeavor performs its de-orbit burn, and starts to descend!


“Here we goooooooo!”



Endeavor falls from the sky like a comet, glowing red and moving fast!


“I see the Space Center – I’m in the pipe, five by five!”



A successful landing!  The Crew Shuttle didn’t even lose any of the aero-brakes!

“Good landing Mirphe, couldn’t have done better myself!”



“Is it good to be home Jeb?”


“It’s good to get off that station.. I think I was getting a little stir crazy in there!  But I can’t wait for the next mission!”


Jeb and Mirpe return to the Astronaut Center, and recovery crews begin work to ready Endeavor for its next launch!


One thought on “Year 10, Day (Mirphe Flies Endeavor to Rescue Jeb from KSS)

  1. Picking up the game again after a bit of a hiatus – my version is now quite out of date but still plays great! I encourage anyone who’s playing to consider a blog like this (even a simple one) to keep track of your game progress, I feel it makes the entire process more rewarding 🙂

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