Year 16, Day 233 (Pathfinder 6 Plock Fly-By!)

KSEA had initially been hoped that Pathfinder 6 would have enough deltaV to orbit Plock – however the craft was simply going too fast for the nuclear engine to slow it down! Additionally, the Kerbin Deep Space Network is barely able to communicate with Pathfinder 6… upgrades to the network are clearly needed!

Pathfinder 6 still transmits some amazing images of Plock and its moon Karen! Gravitational, pressure, and temperature readings are all taken and the science is beamed back to KSC!

Engineers are already at work on the next generation of probe that will be able to reach Plock and Karen!

Year 13, Day 75 (Pathfinder 9 Announced)

KSEA announces a mission to the most distant world known: Plock! Pathfinder will be a slightly modified version of previous Pathfinder probes, instead of the 3-core probe design, one large lander will be used since Plock requires such a great amount of d/v.

Pathfinder 9 will be the second probe to Plock, Pathfinder 6 is already enroute… however there are concerns that Pathfinder 6 won’t have enough d/v to orbit.

Year 10, Day 7 (Construction Starts on Pathfinder 6 Plock Probe)

pathfinder6.pngConstruction begins on the next Pathfinder probe, Pathfinder 6 – heading to the distant world of Plock.

Plock will be the furthest mission ever attempted! Pathfinder 6 will be virtually identical to Pathfinder 5, with the same lander layout as well.

(Note: The Patch Department notes in the fine print that no one has ever seen Plock before, and as such Moho may have been used in the patch design)