Year 3, Day 78 (Development Begins on Frontier Probes)

Work begins on developing Frontier 1 & 2, the first probes being sent to Sarnus!  Appropriately enough, the probes will each be launched atop the Sarnus V rocket.

The probes are an entirely new design and due to the enormous distances, will require more DeltaV than any craft yet launched!

256x256-11Each probe will carry on it a plaque that will attempt to explain where the Kerbals came from… hopefully some signs of the Ogres, the creatures believed to have sent that first probe that crashed on Kerbin so long ago, may see it!

Construction also begins on a new Surveyor probe… this time for Mun.  The craft, cleverly named “Mun Surveyor” should be ready soon!

Additionally, construction begins on Aurora 11, the next Mun Mission!  This time Glenica and Kimmy are at the front of the line!

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