Year 5, Day 99 (Urlum Surveyor Launches!)


Urlum Surveyor blasts off! The launch window for Urlum is quite close, 26 days away.  It will be a busy week for the Space Program – the Urlum Surveyor, Neidon Surveyor, and the Duna Surveyor are all scheduled for important maneuvers this week! Urlum and Neidon Surveyors will be blasting off to intercept their target worlds, while Duna Surveyor will perform a critical manuever to adjust its approach angle!

Year 5, Day 92 (New Surveyor Probes Commissioned!)

KSEA commissions the development of several new Surveyor class deep space probes – Neidon Surveyor, Urlum Surveyor, Sarnus Surveyor, and the Jool Surveyor.  Like Duna Surveyor, these deep space probes are designed to map the surface of deep space bodies to allow a more scientific approach to exploring space!

Year 3, Day 125 (Frontier 4 Probe To Urlum Launches)


Frontier 4 launches!  This time, Urlum is the target!  Each of these probes are a calculated risk.. but an important one. Before more advanced missions to the outer planets can be conducted, simple questions like “Will the solar panels get enough power?” and “Will the radio actually reach that far” need to be answered firmly, not just on graph paper! Frontier 4 will reach Urlum at the start of Year 7… in 3 years and 200 or so days!