Year 13, Day 158 (Intrepid Returns Crews to Kerbin from Kerbin Spaceport!)

With the return of Explorer 5 and the test flight of Discovery the Kerbin Spaceport has gotten very crowded! Edan, Bill, Orlas, Glenica, and Sean all board CTS-3 Intrepid!

Have a good flight – you soon!”

Edan undocks from the Spaceport, and uses RCS thrusters to reach a safe distance from the station! Gilian, Shepely, and Seely remain on the station, conducting the vitally important scientific research that must certainly occur there.

Come back soon! Bring more snacks! “

Intrepid fires its engines to de-orbit… then detaches the service pod that holds cargo (and provides for solar power!)

Hold on everyone! Things are about to get pretty hot!”

Intrepid soars through the atmosphere, occasionally usings its airbrake system to slow its decent.

Once past the mountains west of the Space Center, Edan makes the final manuevers to line up for a landing!

“Edan to Mission Control… Intrepid is in the pipe, five by five!”

Intrepid touches down on the runway!

A perfect landing! The tired Kerbals exit the Crew Shuttle to rest up for their next mission – Intrepid is recovered and undergoes minor repairs and the standard recovery process to get it ready for its next flight!

Year 9, Day 277 (Science Mission for Kerbin Spaceport Launches!)


The Cargo Payload Vehicle (CPV) launches!


The CPV was designed as a re-usable unmanned cargo pod that can deliver science payloads to Kerbin Spaceport and then return them to Kerbin for study.


The CPV rendezvouses with Kerbin Spaceport!


Docking is a success!

Looks like a good connection!  Once the rest of the science crew gets here we should be able to see what this Cyclotron can do!

-Shepely (on board Kerbin Spaceport)

Indeed, the science crew has already been selected!  Orlas, recently back from Duna will be the lead scientist, with Shepely and Kimmy joining the team!

Year 9, Day 218 (Aurora Crew Vehicle Mk7 First Launch to Kerbin Spaceport!)


Malcolm, Gillian, and Shepely launch in the upgraded Mk7 Aurora Crew Vehicle, heading to the Kerbin Spaceport!


The new crew will be the first to crew the massive new Kerbin Spaceport – itself destined for an expansion in mere weeks!


Alright, climbing to a 178km orbit!  That should make a rendezvous a little faster!



After the service bay doors open, the solar panels safely deploy!  screenshot152.png

Launching to a higher orbit, then starting the rendezvous seemed to payoff!  In no time at all the ACV has arrived at Kerbin Spaceport!


Malcolm carefully maneuvers the ACV closer and closer to the station…


Success!  Crew has arrived for the first time at Kerbin Spaceport!

Year 8, Day 63 (CryoLab Update!)

screenshot360.pngIt’s been 100 days since Cryolab was put into orbit, and Mirphe pilots Intrepid launches to check on the crew!  Bill is along for the mission to see how the lab (and crew!) have held up. screenshot362.png

Docking complete!  Go see if our guys are OK Bill!


Luly, Shepely, and Bob all thaw from their cryogenic sleep!

“Wow – feels like I just fell asleep!”


Bill checks the crew and the Cryo equipment out…

Everybody and everything seem to check out!  I think we’re good to head back to the Space Center!



I’m in the pipe – five by five!



An (almost) perfect landing!  One of the dorsal airbrakes took some damage, but repairs shouldn’t be a problem.  The Cryo-crew is taken directly to the medlab!




Year 7, Day 389 (Resolute Launches, Carrying CryoLab To Orbit!)

cryolab.pngBob, Shepely, and Luly have all been selected from the volunteers to try long term cryogenic suspension in space!  The Crew Cryogenic Research Lab, more commonly known as the CryoLab.   CryoLab will hopefully pave the way toward much longer range missions for Kerbals, as the only life support and food stuffs needed by the crew will be that needed at the endpoint, not for the entire voyage!


Mirphe blasts off in the Resolute, and the crew holds on tight!


“Don’t worry back there… I’ve done this lots of times!”



Mirphe pilots Resolute to the planned orbit of 140km.


The Cargo Bay Doors open, and Luly, Shepely, and Bob climb into the Cronic Freezing Chamber!


“CryoLab is away!”



“Well… here it goes!  See you all in a few minutes!”


Minutes to the science team perhaps, but 100 days to everyone back on Kerbin! The solar arrays extend, and Bob, Shepely, and Luly are frozen!


“Switching Resolute to Landing Configuration!”



Resolute rockets through the clouds toward the space center!


“Ok… I’m in the pipe – five by five!”



Mirphe sets Resolute down for a perfect landing!  Crews start working on refurbishing the Shuttle for its next launch!