Year 8, Day 63 (CryoLab Update!)

screenshot360.pngIt’s been 100 days since Cryolab was put into orbit, and Mirphe pilots Intrepid launches to check on the crew!  Bill is along for the mission to see how the lab (and crew!) have held up. screenshot362.png

Docking complete!  Go see if our guys are OK Bill!


Luly, Shepely, and Bob all thaw from their cryogenic sleep!

“Wow – feels like I just fell asleep!”


Bill checks the crew and the Cryo equipment out…

Everybody and everything seem to check out!  I think we’re good to head back to the Space Center!



I’m in the pipe – five by five!



An (almost) perfect landing!  One of the dorsal airbrakes took some damage, but repairs shouldn’t be a problem.  The Cryo-crew is taken directly to the medlab!




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