Year 17, Day 345 (Training Flight of X-10 Wanderer!)

The X-10 Wanderer is done, and having passed basic safety tests is ready for a test flight! Val, Glenica, and Dunwin prepare to take the plane on a test flight – first to test basic landing systems, then to test a water landing! This will also be a good training flight for future crew to Laythe!

The VTOL Aerospikes work well enough on Kerbin to provide vertical thrust, however the plane can only maintain vertical flight for a short time!

“Let’s head over to the pyramids, that should be an interesting place to land!”

Val sets Wanderer down right next to the pyramids! Unlike Endurance, Wanderer has much bigger parachutes to deal with the higher gravity of Kerbin!

Val, Dunwin, and Glenica all get out…

…and have a good look around the pyramids!

“Wow, these are right near the Desert Site! Hey, we should call it the ‘Pyramid’ Launch Complex!”

After everyone has a good look around, Wanderer takes off!

“Everyone keep hold of your life preservers! We should set down slow enough, but I have no idea if Wanderer is going to even float!”

All horizontal thrust is cut, and Wanderer slowly drifts down to the water!

With a loud “kursplursh!” the X-10 sets down in the water!

“Oh wow! I can’t believe it worked! If the X-10 sets down slow enough, it’s just fine!”

Indeed – Val gets out and confirms the space, er, watercraft, is just fine!

After a little VTOL blast to get out of the water, Wanderer heads back to the Desert Site… now called the Pyramid Launch Complex!

“Pyramid Launch Complex… I’m in the pipe, five by five!”

Wanderer touches down, right where it took off! KSEA relays the information back to Laythe, however engineers are divided on actually trying this stunt on Laythe!

Year 5, Day 137 (Pyramid Launch Complex First Test)


An Aurora Crew Rocket is ready to go at the Pyramid Launch Complex!  This will be the first test of the Mk. 6 Aurora Crew Vehicle, the most advanced iteration of the design to date. Jeb and Bill will fly up to the Kerbin Space Station, dock, then return!screenshot1588.png

“So far so good – the Mk6 is performing like it should!”


The Crew Vehicle approaches the KSS.  The Mk6 also boasts improved RCS balancing, which should make the docking much easier and involve less guesswork on piloting!


Docking is a success!  The plan is to return Robart, Orlas, and Val to the surface in the Endeavor, and leave the Crew Vehicle docked to the station.  The newly refurbished Shadow Valley Complex will be used to refurbish Endeavor – if all goes to plan, the Shadow Valley Complex will be the new home for the Crew Shuttle program!


Year 5, Day 133 (Pyramid Launch Complex Opens!)

256x256-4KSEA is excited to announce the opening of the Pyramid Launch Complex!  The facility, located north of White Mesa, will, with any luck, become the new home of the Aurora Crew Vehicle program, providing a dedicated launchpad for these versatile crew rockets.


KSEA plans to utilize several sites around Kerbin in the coming year as the Space Program continues to grow!  The main VAB is planned to be used for the largest of vehicles, such as the upcoming Explorer 2 mission, and other massive rockets.

A test flight is scheduled soon!