Year 5, Day 137 (Pyramid Launch Complex First Test)


An Aurora Crew Rocket is ready to go at the Pyramid Launch Complex!  This will be the first test of the Mk. 6 Aurora Crew Vehicle, the most advanced iteration of the design to date. Jeb and Bill will fly up to the Kerbin Space Station, dock, then return!screenshot1588.png

“So far so good – the Mk6 is performing like it should!”


The Crew Vehicle approaches the KSS.  The Mk6 also boasts improved RCS balancing, which should make the docking much easier and involve less guesswork on piloting!


Docking is a success!  The plan is to return Robart, Orlas, and Val to the surface in the Endeavor, and leave the Crew Vehicle docked to the station.  The newly refurbished Shadow Valley Complex will be used to refurbish Endeavor – if all goes to plan, the Shadow Valley Complex will be the new home for the Crew Shuttle program!


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