Year 5, Day 285 (Frontier 2 Orbits Sarnus!)


Frontier 2 approaches Sarnus…




and closer!

screenshot1657.pngFinally, the craft fires its engines to circularize its orbit – extremely close to the rings of the distant, mysterious world!



Onboard systems relay amazing new findings about Sarnus that scientists on Kerbin will be pouring over for years!


Slowly, the probe’s long and eliptical orbit takes it away from Sarnus!


but the adventure isn’t over quite yet, the craft’s trajectory will take it into the gravitational sphere of Eeloo, one of Sarnus’s (many)moons!screenshot1682.png

Sarnus’s magnificent vista doesn’t fail to impress!


Frontier 2 silently passed by Eeloo – while the probe is not equipped with the modern scanning hardware of the Surveyor probes, Frontier 2 dutifully scans what it can. screenshot1692.png

The moon Slate can be seen in the distance. screenshot1693.png

What an incredible day for science!  The most recent accomplishments of the space program have inspired all of Kerbin!

Year 5, Day 261 (Resolute Carries Deep Space Relay Into Orbit)

screenshot1630.pngTransmissions from Sarnus aren’t as strong as they could be, so KSEA decides to launch a deep space relay in orbit of Kerbin – the quickest method to get it into orbit is to load it into one of the waiting Heavy Cargo Shuttles!  The Relay is loaded into Resolute’s cargo bay, and Val and Gilian blast off with it into orbit! screenshot1632.png

The Relay leaves Resolute’s cargo bay…screenshot1633.png

Then alters its orbit to a high polar orbit, to better communicate with distant spacecraft.

Val to Mission Control… KerbStar DeepSpace Relay 1 is ready!



Radio signals are still weak, sadly… it looks like the problem is Frontier 2’s transmitter!  Larger more powerful transmitters will be required for deeper space missions.  It’s hoped that the other deep space craft launched will still be able to communicate when they arrive at their destinations!

screenshot1635.pngMeanwhile, Resolute heads back to Kerbin – but overshoots the runway somewhat!


I think a few well timed bursts of what’s left of the fuel should be enough to glide us back on track!



Thankfully Val is right, and the Resolute touches down !




Year 5, Day 193 (Rescue Mission Near Sunset Airfield!)

screenshot1606.pngUh oh!  Radio monitors picked up a distress call from a plane – it looks like there was a single Kerbal onboard, but he might be injured!

“I’ll go get them!”


Edan blasts off in one of the X-5’s parked at the Space Center!

screenshot1611.pngThankfully the pilot, Givie, is unharmed!  She quickly boards Edan’s X-5!

screenshot1612.pngSadly, Givie’s aircraft is totally destroyed!  She took off from the Sunset Airfield, so Edan heads there to drop her off. screenshot1615.png

“Wow! I haven’t seen this airfield since I was a rookie!   This is a pretty short runway… the landing might be… tricky!”


screenshot1620.pngIt was a close one, but Edan sets the X-5 down at Sunset Airfield!   Givie climbs out of the X-5 and heads back to base…  looks like Givie’s going to be just fine !