Year 6, Day 16 (KerbStar Deep Space Relay 2 Launches!)

screenshot1785The second Deep Space Relay satellite launches, KerbStarDeepSpace 2!  KSEA’s polar launch facility is chosen as the launch site, as the satellite needs to be launched into an extreme polar orbit, and every bit of fuel is important!


The KSDS2 will operate at an orbit that falls outside of that of Mun, and even beyond Minmus.  It’s hoped the relay will provide better and more consistent communication with the outer worlds!

Year 5, Day 261 (Resolute Carries Deep Space Relay Into Orbit)

screenshot1630.pngTransmissions from Sarnus aren’t as strong as they could be, so KSEA decides to launch a deep space relay in orbit of Kerbin – the quickest method to get it into orbit is to load it into one of the waiting Heavy Cargo Shuttles!  The Relay is loaded into Resolute’s cargo bay, and Val and Gilian blast off with it into orbit! screenshot1632.png

The Relay leaves Resolute’s cargo bay…screenshot1633.png

Then alters its orbit to a high polar orbit, to better communicate with distant spacecraft.

Val to Mission Control… KerbStar DeepSpace Relay 1 is ready!



Radio signals are still weak, sadly… it looks like the problem is Frontier 2’s transmitter!  Larger more powerful transmitters will be required for deeper space missions.  It’s hoped that the other deep space craft launched will still be able to communicate when they arrive at their destinations!

screenshot1635.pngMeanwhile, Resolute heads back to Kerbin – but overshoots the runway somewhat!


I think a few well timed bursts of what’s left of the fuel should be enough to glide us back on track!



Thankfully Val is right, and the Resolute touches down !




Year 4, Day 121 (KerbStar Relay Satellite Network Launched)

screenshot730.pngTwo relay satellites are launched into polar orbits around Kerbin.  KerbStar 1 is launched into a northern polar orbit, and KerbStar 2 into a southern.


KerbStar 2 blasts off!

screenshot731.pngThe Relay Satellites will (hopefully) provide for increased range for upcoming deep space missions (as well as increasing communications coverage in the Kerbin region.)

screenshot733.pngThe launches go well, and the two relay satellites sit in high orbit.,.. just waiting to relay interesting science from future spacecraft!