Year 5, Day 193 (Rescue Mission Near Sunset Airfield!)

screenshot1606.pngUh oh!  Radio monitors picked up a distress call from a plane – it looks like there was a single Kerbal onboard, but he might be injured!

“I’ll go get them!”


Edan blasts off in one of the X-5’s parked at the Space Center!

screenshot1611.pngThankfully the pilot, Givie, is unharmed!  She quickly boards Edan’s X-5!

screenshot1612.pngSadly, Givie’s aircraft is totally destroyed!  She took off from the Sunset Airfield, so Edan heads there to drop her off. screenshot1615.png

“Wow! I haven’t seen this airfield since I was a rookie!   This is a pretty short runway… the landing might be… tricky!”


screenshot1620.pngIt was a close one, but Edan sets the X-5 down at Sunset Airfield!   Givie climbs out of the X-5 and heads back to base…  looks like Givie’s going to be just fine !



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