Year 22, Day 331 (DSV-1A Explorer Announced!)

The original Explorer was the first Deep Space Vehicle constructed by the KSEA. While it was ultimately a flawed design in many respects, it was the start of the Explorer program to explore the solar system! The next true DSV was DSV-2 Discovery, the test bed for a truly reusable interplanetary space ship. Most of Discovery’s systems were implemented in the Horizon Class Deep Space Vehicle, named after DSV-3 Horizon – Horizon Class ships have become the workhorses of the Kerbal Space Program and comprise the bulk of the DSV Fleet! The Kerbal States now has four Deep Space Vehicles and will soon be adding a fifth!

Honoring the legacy of the DSV program, the next DSV will be named Explorer, and retain the DSV-1 number, but with an “A” indicating it’s the second ship to bear the name! Construction has already begun – and the next mission has already been chosen – a journey to Sarnus!

KSEA will have more details soon!

3 thoughts on “Year 22, Day 331 (DSV-1A Explorer Announced!)

  1. I think you could place the Sarnus Station to the an High Sarnus orbit that between the Eeloo and Slate, and its inclation should be about an 4,3° – 6,8° ( Because its more easy to land on both Eeloo, Slate and Tekto.).And you should keep the orbit outside of both Eeloo and Slate SOİ, and make the orbit closer to the Eeloo (Because the Slate’s orbit is more wierd than Eeloo.).İf you get the station in this orbit, success !
    You have %0.001 percent of getting an gravity assist (Because I have an Station in that orbit.)and getting out of Sarnus system and stranding.

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