Year 22, Day 329 (DSV-4 Endeavor Crew Explore Colony Site at Laythe!)

Val and Robart climb into the cockpit of the Endurance, while Kerlorf squeezes into the small crew compartment at the back of the spaceplane!

“Everybody secure? Disconnecting docking clamps!”


Endurance slowly drifts away from Laythe Spaceport!

“Systems nominal – what a view!”


The Spaceport grows smaller and smaller, set against the impressive sight of the giant green planet of Jool!

Endurance is scouting a site for a future colony on Laythe! One promising (and scenic) site is Crater Island!

“Readings show we’re on the right course – cloud cover’s still too thick for visual confirmation!”


Endurance finally drops below the clouds, and Crater Island becomes visible!

“We’re lined up with a good flat landing spot – deploying chute! Horizontal engines are switched off – activating VTOL pods!”


The spaceplane’s parachute deploys, it’s air brakes lift, and the VTOL pod doors open – providing the final bit of thrust needed for a safe landing!

Endurance touches down! Robart is the first out!

“Incredible! You’d almost forget this was another world until you look up!”


Kerlorf plants the Kerbal States flag, and the crew sets up a camera to take the traditional “landing portrait!” The Endeavor crew will be busy for the next few days, setting up science equipment and experiments on the surface, as well as checking out the landing site!

“Ok – we have about 20 days to investigate this site – let’s get working!”


16 thoughts on “Year 22, Day 329 (DSV-4 Endeavor Crew Explore Colony Site at Laythe!)

  1. I have an big boi ship like your Endeavor but its thicker and has less dβˆ† than yours but it has more cargo than yours (And yeah im not an american or english and i cant talk english so good)


  2. There are two DSVs
    1. Challenger file:///D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Kerbal%20Space%20Program/Screenshots/screenshot3.png
    2. Endeavor file:///D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Kerbal%20Space%20Program/Screenshots/screenshot1.png


  3. And there’s the file (I can’t find the Endeavor’s file):
    Challenger D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Kerbal%20Space%20Program/saves/a_/Ships/VAB/DSV%201%20Challenger.craft


  4. Do you think that you could maybe head to the new Mun Arch? You probably have your hands full with Munar Exploration, but I do know you have anomaly contracts.


      • I agree! Getting there is a real trick though… DSV Horizon is on a return trajectory from Sarnus now, and in 70 days a launch window opens for another trip! Sarnus Station is still on the way there – but it arrives in a year. Unlike NASA I don’t have exact plans for everything, lol – but I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to orbit it in the Sarnus system! Thanks for visting πŸ™‚


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