Year 16, Day 164 (Explorer 6 Returns to Kerbin from Jool!)

Explorer 6 enters Kerbin’s gravitational sphere of influence, and fires it’s engines to circularize its orbit!

“This is the first time a crewed vessel.. or really any vessel, has returned ot Kerbin orbit from Jool! Fuel will be a little tight, but I’m sure we’ll make it to orbit!”

“Hmmm. that fuel guage is getting pretty low Mitster!”

E stands for ’emergency supply’… right?”

Suddenly, Explorer 6’s fuel shuts off!

“Well… good news and bad news! We made orbit! The bad news is we don’t have enough fuel to dock with the Spaceport, and the orbit is fairly eccentric!”

My calculations show we’re still in range of a rescue from one of the Aurora Crew Vehicles! What do you think Mission Control?”

We need to do a little mission planning, but we agree that’s the best rescue plan we have! We’ll be in touch!
Gene, at Mission Control

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