Year 12, Day 103 (Pathfinder 1 Lands Last Probe on Laythe at De Grasse Sea!)


Pathfinder 1 launches it’s last probe!


The probe fires it’s retro rockets and starts to decend!


Hopefully the heat shield is sufficient to protect the fragile electronics and other components!


The probe survives the atmospheric heating and deploys it’s parachutes!


The solar panels deploy, and the probe transmits as much data as it can before the power runs out!  Sadly, the probe is only able to partially transmit it’s gravity data!

“Some data is better than none!  We’ll equip the next probe with more robust power systems! ”

-Robart, at Mission Control, Kerbin

Several important facts have been learned, such as power demands on Outer Planet missions and the importance of integrating the planetary scan with the mothership!

There were some concerns after the failure of Pathfinder 4 and Pathfinder 5 that the entire Pathfinder program might need to be scrapped, however this success guarantees a bright future for the Pathfinder Program!

As the probe transmits it’s last bit of data, it’s systems power down and the connection is lost.  This concludes the Pathfinder 1 mission, which despite a few bumps is considered a success by KSEA!



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