Year 11, Day 112 (Explorer 6 Crew Announced!)


With construction already underway on Explorer 6, KSEA announces the crew roster for what will be the most distant and ambitious crew mission yet – the first trip to Jool!

Mitster was the commander of the Explorer 2 mission to Duna and has a reputation as an acomplished pilot and mission commander. Glenica was the lead scientist on the Explorer 3 mission to Duna as well as several Aurora missions to Mun and Minmus.  Sean was also on Explorer 3, as the chief engineer. He was also the mission lead on MunBase One!

Many robotic probes have made the journey to Jool, laying the groundwork for the communication systems there – the mission itself is straight forward, reach Jool and return to Kerbin using the DSCCV (Deep Space Cryo-Stasis Crew Vehicle), almost identical in design to Explorer 5!

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