Year 9, Day 40 (X-9 First Flight!)

screenshot92.pngConstruction is complete on the X-9, and the new craft is rolled out to the runway! Veteran pilot Mitster and rookie Malcolm will be taking the SSTO up on its first mission.


“OK, engines are GO….. let’s see what the X-9 can do! ”


screenshot96.pngThe X-9 climbs to the limits of the atmosphere, then the R.A.P.I.E.R. engines switch to rocket mode, and take the craft up to orbit!


“Wow!  Seemed to work great!  Now what? ”



“Now we see if the craft handles on a landing! ”


screenshot102.pngThe X-9 completes an orbit around Kerbin, then Mitster fires the engines to begin the spacecraft’s return to Kerbin!


“OK, reentry put us a bit off angle, not a problem… switching the X-9’s engines back to air-breathing mode!”


Mitster performs a slight adjustment to the X-9’s approach!


“OK – that did it. We’re in the pipe… five by five!”


“What’s that mean anyway? Five by Five?”


“It’s just something we say when we’re landing that sounds cool!”


“Oh – cool!”



The X-9 sets down successfully!


Mitster and Malcolm climb  out and congratulate eachother on a good flight!


“Thanks Mitster, the simulator didn’t do the excitement of a landing justice!  I can’t wait to fly the next one!”


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