Year 8, Day 48 (Enterprise Finishes Testing Pathfinder Payloads)


Enterprise launches the last Pathfinder payload – the Mk8 Atmospheric Scanner.


Equipped with a multspectral scanner and enough deltaV to allow a wide range of deployments, the Mk8 will be the first Pathfinder probe launched to survey the surface for the  two remote landers.


The scanner and probe perform perfectly, and the green light is given to include this design on Pathfinder!


Alright, time to take Enterprise home!



Enterprise streaks through the clouds toward the Space Center!


Ok – got the Center on visual… Enterprise is handling a little strange today – that or it’s been a while since I’ve landed a Heavy Cargo Shuttle!!




Thankfully Mirphe and Chrisnic set down safely!  Enterprise is taken to prepare for it’s next launch, but not before Chrisnic and the rest of the engineering team see if there’s any mechanical explanation for the shuttles odd handling!

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