Year 6, Day 286 (Explorer 2 Lander blasts off from Duna surface!)


The Explorer lander takes off, taking Dunwin and Mitster high into the Duna atmosphere!

“Oh wow, this lander does not perform well at all on launch.  I think the center of mass might be causing her to want to tip over – better watch our ascent angle!”



The lander approaches Duna Spaceport…and docks!screenshot105

“We’ll need to be really careful with this lander… that was a close one!”



“Hmm… I think I have some ideas for how to modify it using parts we have on the Spaceport!  We can try for another landing after that!”


Dunwin starts work on modifications to the lander… this might take a while!  Meanwhile KSEA administrators think optimistically and plan for the next landing!






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