Year 6, Day 283 (Frontier 5 Laythe, Tylo Encounter!)


The Frontier 5 craft in orbit of Jool is instructed to maneuver so it encounters Laythe! screenshot4.png

If all goes to plan, the probe will soon do a flyby of Laythe… the maneuver should also allow for the closest ever flyby of Jool.  Sadly, the scientific equipment on Frontier 5 is quite primitive compared to the gravitational scanners and other equipment on more recent probes, however an analysis of the atmosphere, temperature, and pressure should all be possible. screenshot5.png

Frontier 5 moves closer…


Finally Frontier 5 arrives at its closest point to Jool!screenshot13.png

The first photographs of Laythe are transmitted back to Kerbin! The planet looks remarkably similair to Kerbin!

“Oh my – that looks just like Kerbin!  Astonishing!  In the distance you can see Tylo.   Just amazing… I can’t wait to visit!”



Frontier 5 moves in close and closer….


Until finally, the probe drops below 50km… but just barely!  The science transmitted on Laythe’s atmosphere is of incredible scientific importance, and has made Laythe one of the most intriguing desitnations for Kerbals in the future!


Finally, Frontier 5 moves on, leaving Jool and it’s amazing moon Laythe for future probes to investigate!screenshot50.png

Frontier 5 soars past Tylo, its sensors only able to record some basic temperature and pressure readings in the space near the moon – researching Tylo is a job for a future explorer!

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