Year 6, Day 48 (MunBase One Decommissioning )

Mun Base One has provided insight into future base construction on other worlds, however it was neer intended as a permanent habitat on Mun – that won’t be possible until a fully self-sustaining life support system can be developed!


The Mun Landers can only carry a crew of two , so Glenica and Sean blast off first!screenshot1379.png

The lander docks!  Sean and Glenica transfer over, then the lander procedes back to the surface on autopilot.


The lander sets down, Bill hops in, and just as quickly takes off!

“Feels a little sad leaving MunBase One abandoned!  Maybe we can come back someday and upgrade it to be a real home on the Mun!”


Back on Kerbin, construction begins on an Aurora Crew Vehicle to return the crew home!


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