Year 4, Day 344 (Unity Space Station Mun Landing!)

screenshot1210.pngLuly and Edan head down to USSLS01-A – the Highlands, on the first adventure of the Unity Space Station science team!


Edan and Luly touch down successfully in the Highlands, near the Southwest Crater!  Kimmy performs the required science experiments for the mission, Edan spends most of the time jumping around! screenshot1215.png

The lander does a quick jump over to the Southwest Crater itself!


Another great landing!

“This second landing really pushed our fuel resererves – I think for future landings, we should keep it limited to just one site – especially for landings so far from the Mun’s equator!”


screenshot1219.pngThe Unity Lander takes off, to dock with the Space Station, then docks!  Edan transfers the science gathered back to the Aurora 16 Command Module, while Luly takes some time to rest before the next landing!


The first landing is a great success!  The distance from the equator really put fuel reserves to the test.. the lander returned with barely enough fuel… not as safe as KSEA likes!   Still, a great adventure for Luly and Edan!



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