Year 4, Day 348 (Harmony Space Station Landing 2!)

screenshot1224.pngKimmy and Gilian head down for the next landing, at HSSLS02-A – the Minmus North Pole! screenshot1226.png

“It’s really pretty.. but eeriy up here!  ”



The Lander takes off, and heads south to HSSLS02-B -The Highlands!


“I think I see something just north of the landing site!”


Kimmy heads off in her jetpack to check out the strange anomaly… screenshot1236.png

It’s another Monolith!


Kimmy and Gilian both do a thorough examination of the strange … structure?  It appears to have the same dimensions as the one near the Space Center, and found elsewhere on Kerbin! screenshot1248.png

The next stop is HSSLS02-C, the Minmus Flats (Not to be confused with the Greater Flats, or the Lesser Flats – these Flats are just Flat.)


Kimmy collects the important science from the flats, while Gilian double checks the Lander.   The crew will remain on the surface for roughly a day, then head home!


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