Year 4, Day 286 (RCS Refueling Mission for Harmony Space Station)

screenshot1113.pngEnterprise blasts off from Cape Kerman, carrying the RCS Refuelling Vehicle for Harmony Space Station!  screenshot1116.png

Edan releases the Refueling Vehicle – and Mission Control pilots it to Minmus! It should arrive there in a few days, then the crew rotation at Harmony Station can be complete!

screenshot1119.pngEdan takes Enterprise back to Kerbin. The last few shuttle landings have been a bit dicey, so this time everything will be done to slow the craft down before re-entering!


It’s a successful landing!

“That went a lot better!  Pulsing the air brakes on descent appears to be the best way to use them to slow the spacecraft down!  It prevents overhearing and allows more control!”


Edan’s advice is carefully noted by the other pilots in the KSC!

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