Year 4, Day 285 (Harmony Crew Rotation, Lander Upgrades)

screenshot1100.pngVal, Kimmy, and Gilian arrive at Minmus!

“That sure is a long trip!  I bet the Explorer Crew would think it’s nothing though!”


Indeed – Explorer, the first mission to Eve and Gilly, is due back in 35 days!  Everyone is very excited about all the scientific discoveries they’ve made!

From here it’s just a short rendezvous to Harmony Space Station…

screenshot1105.pngThe Crew Vehicle docks!

screenshot1106.pngGilian gets out and gets to work!

“Wow!  It’s beautiful out here!  I can’t wait to head down to the surface!”


screenshot1111.pngGilian installs the new Gravity Sensor on the Station Lander, then heads back to the station!

Unfortunately, before another landing can be done, Harmony needs a refueling of RCS fuel… which is being launched from the Space Center shortly!

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