Year 4, Day 200 (Shuttle Enterprise Announced!) 

Shuttle Enterprise

KSEA announces the development of a new cargo shuttle, the Enterprise!

With multiple missions complete, Shuttle Resolute has proven itself a reliable space vehicle. The orbital construction of thr Harmony Space Station, despite some of the problems, also showed the promise of a reusable orbiter!

However, a KSEA cost study of the Heavy Cargo launches showed that it was not always more efficient than traditional rocket launches.

Enterprise will launch using an updated launch vehcile that consists of two parts – a modified launcher, and a new second stage orbital vehicle, the Orbital Assist Vehicle (OAV).

With enhanced focus on recoverability, this new launcher should make the Heavy Cargo Shuttles the most cost efficient vehicles for orbital launches!

The launcher wont be the only exciting innovation though! Enterprise itself has an improved array of solar panels and a modified docking port which increases cargo bay capacity by 20 percent!

Enterprise also has a new lighting system that engineers say will make the shuttle look  “Super Cool”!

The new Cargo Shuttle will carry one of the two modules for the upcoming Mun Space Station, tentatively named “Unity Space Station!”

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