Year 4, Day 162 (Frontier 6 Arrives at Duna)

screenshot847.pngThe Frontier 6 probe, launched nearly a year ago, enters Duna’s sphere of gravitational influence! The probe is not as sophisticated as a spacecraft launched today would be – but it should still provide a great deal of information to scientists on Kerbin! The onboard computer is given its instructions to circularize the craft’s orbit!

Thankfully, the Frontier probes were all launched with a lot of fuel reserves, to deal with any unforeseen needs, or try to at least.

A new generation of Surveyor Probes are being planned for exploring the other worlds of the Kerbol Star System!

In the meantime, researches back on Kerbin will need to wait a few more weeks as Frontier 6 travels to the periapsis of its orbit of Duna, where the craft will circularize its orbit!


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