Year 4, Day 152 (Harmony Design Changes)

After some consideration, engineers have decided to remove the cupola from the Harmony Space Station planned for Minmus.   A fairly unpopular decision for certain, but sadly necessary.

With the original design, an lander would have to undock and remain nearby the station anytime another spacecraft arrived, such as an Aurora Crew Vehicle.

By removing the cupola, and replacing it with a docking port the station will be able to have both craft docked at the same time.

Perhaps the next Space Station will improve on the design – but for now, with Harmony almost entirely ready to go in orbit, this will be the best solution.  The science lab will still have large windows… hopefully the Kerbals will be happy with that!

Additionally, construction begins on two new rockets – Aurora 16, bound for Minmus, and an Aurora Crew Vehicle – to be used as a backup / emergency rescue vehicle!

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