Year 3, Day 142 (Changes To Explorer Program, Aurora 12 Construction)

512x64-7.pnghe next Aurora Mission, Aurora 12, is nearly complete.  Orlas is very excited to be chosen as the scientist for the mission – it will be his first trip beyond Kerbin!  Chrisnic will be the crew engineer (who will be staying on the Command Vehicle), and the Mission Commander will be Edan (the commander of Aurora 3, Minmus.) he Mission Commander,

In other news, Initial plans for Explorer had been to launch a test craft, however administrators have decided to move ahead with a crewed mission they’re confident that if any systems fail on the transit burn a rescue will still be possible.  The mission will be quite dangerous though… however many eager Kerbals have been clamoring to get a chance for the first crewed mission to another world!!  The final crew roster hasn’t been released yet, but KSEA is working hard to get as many Kerbals trained as possible!

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