Year 3, Day 51 (Aurora 10 Launch)


The mighty Sarnus-V carries Aurora 10 to orbit!screenshot33.pngThe original 3 astronauts; Jeb, Bill, and Bob will fly to Mun!

Bill is quite excited – even though he’s been with the space program since it’s early days, he’s only done missions in low Kerbing orbit. This will be his first Mun mission!

 After some basic orbital manuvering, Jeb fires the engines for the transfe to Mun!screenshot34.pngAfter the docking and transposition maneuver, the crew gets comfy for the short journey to Mun!

screenshot35.pngAurora 10 arrives at Mun!screenshot41.png

Jeb sets the lander down… and Bill hops right out!

“Wow!  It’s great here! The low gravity makes it feel like you’re flying!”

screenshot43.pngThe two pose for their landing portrait, and start collecting scientific data! Aurora 10 set down in the Mun’s Northwest Crater – a first for Kerbals!screenshot52.png

After several hours gathering Science, Bill and Jeb blast off in the lander, headed back to the Aurora 10 spacecraft! A short rendeavous and docking later, and the three are on a return trip to Kerbin!  Setting down in the plains of Kerbin at night, the crew is rescued.  Good work everyone!


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