Year 3, Day 6 (Crew Shuttle Revealed!)

After exhaustive modeling and testing, KSEA scientists and engineers excitedly unveil their new space vehicle – the KSS Crew Shuttle!KCS.pngConstruction begins at once, with an automated launch scheduled immediately after the first vehicle is made.

Unlike previous spacecraft, the KCS is, hopefully, entirely re-usable. The first stage (the KCS-Launch Vehicle, or KCS-LV, is a massive, automated space plane that carries the shuttle nearly to orbit.  After the Launch Vehicle’s fuel is exhausted, the Crew Shuttle detaches and heads into orbit!

The test vehicle will be named Adventure – some remain skeptical about the practicality of a space plane for moving crew between the station and Kerbin, but KSEA is always willing to try the next big thing… even if it’s a tiny shuttle!

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