Year 2, Day 281 (Sarnus Launch Vehicle Announced!)


KSEA excitedly releases the plans for the Sarnus V launch vehicle!  The Sarnus Rocket itself has been through several trial runs while construction the Kerbin Space Station, and with just a few modifications to the basic lifter design a Mun Mission should be quite possible!

The Launch Stage blasts off, firing the primary engine as well as the two (recoverable) solid rockets.  The solid rockets detach, and the main engine carries the rocket to an altitude of about 90k.  Along the arc of the launch (once the primary engine stops firing) the Orbit/Munar Insertion Stage fires as the Luanch Stage detaches and falls back to Kerbin.  Once orbit is achieved, the same stage carries the Aurora Spacecraft and the Mun Lander toward Mun!  Along the way the craft performs a docking and transposition manuever.  The Aurora Spacecraft itself will then orbit Mun, and the Lander will head down.

That the plan, anyway!  A test launch will be done as soon as funds can be found to build one of the things!

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