Year 2, Day 280 (KSS Science Hub Launches)

screenshot465.pngThe new Science Hub blasts off on top of the massive Sarnus V-H!

The craft is guided automatically into orbit, and sets course to rendeavous with the KSS.

“I can’t wait to get out there and fly something!  There’s not much to pilot on a Space Station!”-Jeb

screenshot471.pngJeb EVA’s over to the Science Hub’s Emergency Escape Vehicle, and uses it to pilot the new section into place. screenshot474.png

Almost there… screenshot476.png

Contact!  The Station is now ready to receive additional science modules, and generate what KSEA hopes will be more than enough power for future needs.  Additionally, two more Cupolas provide some really amazing views of Kerbin!

“Wow!  This place is getting really roomy!”


“This is quite the view!”

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