Year 1, Day 308

screenshot91.pngHorizon 8 is ready to go… and Mitster is VERY ready to go! KSEA scientists think that in order to form a communications network (which will be necessary for sending probes to Mun) polar orbits would be beneficial.  Horizion 8 will be a test of how to launch a rocket into just such an orbit!  Horizon 8 blasts off!   screenshot94.png

Mitster pilots the craft into a nearly perfect circular 71k orbit.  Nicely done Mitster!


“It’s so pretty up here!” Mitster radios to Mission Control.  “The poles are beautiful!”screenshot99.png

After landing, Mitster reports that the Horizon 8 had a strange tendency to roll without being given instructions.  Engineers look at the controls to make sure nothing spilled, and determine that it might be a design fault in the rocket.  After talking it over with Jeb and Val it turns out many of the Horizon Rockets had this issue… however it seems to be getting more pronounced as time goes on.  KSEA scientists scratch their heads over what to do!

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