Year 20, Day 11 (Summer and Luly Investigate Mountain Launch Site!)

Mission planners keep insisting that launches are possible from a so-called “Woomerang” Launch Site… however before fuel, rocket parts, and Kerbals start getting diverted to the location, KSEA wants to check it out!

“We’re sending a crack team to see what’s up with this site! Good luck Summer and Luly!
-Gene, at Mission Control

Wanderertakes off at full speed, reaching near orbital velocities as it flies toward “Woomerang!”

“There it is! Cutting engines, pulling up… deploying chute!”

Wanderer sets down!

“Let’s check this out!”

Luly leaves the aircraft, and heads over to the “Woomerang” site!

“That’s one of the ground stations – neat!”

Luly checks out the launch pad.. and some kind of tower!

“Huh – there’s not much here! Just the landing pad and a tower… probably a water tower for the launch pad! Whoever used this before us didn’t build very much! “

“Yea – we’re going to need to build a lot of facilities out here if we’re going to use it! We better head back to KSC!”

The crew packs up in Wanderer and heads home!