Year 4, Day 73 (KSS Science Mission)

screenshot699.pngOne of the new Cargo Supply Vehicles launches.  The launch is fraught with problems, as the vehicle continually runs out of power.

“Probably doesn’t have enough onboard batteries.  There’s plenty of room in the cargo bay… we’ll just stuff some batteries in there!  We’ll have to get that upgraded before we send up another one!”


screenshot702.pngEngineers start working on the next Cargo Supply Vehicle at once!  In the meantime however… the CSV continues its difficult journey to the KSS.


The vehicle proves to be fairly difficult to control, prone to random spins and other anomalies… however the vessel eventually is remotely docked to the KSS, where scientists begin working on the Plant Science module at once!


While the new CSV will likely be able to be converted to a supply vehicle for moving food materials, an upgraded vehicle is clearly preferred!