Year 21 Day 30 (Discovery Crew Mission to Duna Announced!)

With the disappointing missed time window of Explorer 8, the Astronauts sat around Mission Control scratching their heads trying to figure out a way to get a crew back to the red planet without waiting a whole year for the next launch window!

“What if we… you know… just go REALLY fast!”

“That’d never work – the Explorer spacecraft doesn’t have that kind of fuel supply!”

“No… but one of the DSVs should! Can we take one!?”

After some debate (and a mission simulation or three) Gene gives the green light! Tamre will be the scientist, Seely the mission Engineer, and Mirphe will command the mission!

“We barely had time to get these Mission Patches sewn! Get on a Crew Vehicle asap and get up to Spacedock!”

Year 21, Day 15 (Upcoming Explorer 8 Mission to Duna Delayed!)

KSEA is disappointed to announce that the upcoming Explorer 8 launch to Duna has been delayed! The next window to Duna won’t be for another year, which has many astronauts upset!

The delay is due to construction time for the spacecraft, which took longer than planned!

“I know it’s disappointing everyone, but we’ve got to keep our eyes on the prize! We’re investigating other options for Duna Missions in the meantime!”