Year 18, Day 233 (Advanced Duna Lander Launches!)

Construction is complete on the Advanced Duna Lander! The spacecraft is rolled out… and launches!

Launched on the Sarnus Va, the rover will sit in orbit for 41 days until the ideal transfer window to Duna!

In orbit, the lander ejects it’s fairing… and waits! The probe will be entirely un-crewed during it’s flight, including (hopefully) docking with the Spaceport!

The Advanced Duna Lander also includes a cargo segment on the rear that will attach to Duna Spaceport, carrying enough surface science equipment for 4 seperate landings!

Year 18, Day 137 (KSEA Announces New Advanced Duna Lander!)

KSEA is excited to release plans for the next Duna Lander, the Advanced Duna Lander! Succeeding the Super Duna Lander, this new craft has greater deltaV, and additional life support and crew space – able to carry FOUR Kerbals!

The re-usable lander will launch on a Sarnus Va rocket, and travel a few days behind the Explorer 7 mission to Duna!