Aurora Program

Aurora 18, the latest design iteration of the Aurora Program.

The Aurora Program has the mission set by KSEA to land Kerbals on Mun and return them safely to Kerbin. It has succeeded at this mission over and over, and has led to the development of other spacecraft and rockets. The basic Sarnus Va rocket design is still one of the foundations of the Kerbal Space Program!


The development started on Year 2, Day 115 with the announcement of the Aurora Crew Vehicle. Launched on the same rockets that carried the Discovery Missions, the ACV carried the new Aurora Spacecraft.

The initial Aurora Spacecraft was revised several times during its early launched, during which most missions were to deliver crew to the Kerbin Space Station. In fact, KSEA plans to use the Aurora Spacecraft as a multipurpose vehicle for orbital crew delivery and longer range Mun and Minmus Missions. The Mk. 4 ACV is the design chosen for the Mun Missions!

Besides the crew vehicle, the Aurora Mun Lander, or AML, will be launched as well. It was impossible to actually test the AML in a low gravity environment, so the first Mun Landing was a calculated risk – one that certainly paid off!

The Sarnus V Launch Vehicle was the final design for the first Mun Landing mission.

On Year Two, Day 338 all of Kerbin watched as Mitster, Chrisnic, and Bob made history, taking Aurora 6 to be the first Aurora Mission to land on Mun! 

On Year Two, Day 370 Bob, Val, and Robart made history as Aurora 7 became the first mission to land on Minmus! 

The Aurora Program continues to make regular launches, allowing for a greater understanding of Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus!

The Aurora Crew Vehicle has become the standard spacecraft for taking Kerbals to orbital destinations, such as Kerbin Spaceport!