Year 22, Day 346 (DSV-1A Explorer Launches!)

A Jool Heavy Rocket is rolled out to the launchpad at KSC carrying the newest Deep Space Vehicle – DSV-1A Explorer!

Both the crafts number and name are tributes to the very first DSV!

“Blast off!”

-Gene, at Mission Control

The Jool Heavy Rocket lifts off the pad, and starts it’s gravity turn to orbit!

While the DSV itself is capable of carrying 3 Kerbals, they are launched un-crewed… Shuttles or CRVs will deliver crew for the upcoming mission!

The first stage, having fully expended it’s fuel, separates and will eventually fall into Kerbins oceans.

The second stage fairing breaks away …

And the engines blast Explorer into a 200k orbit!

“All systems nominal – let’s get a crew up there!”

Gene, at Mission Control

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