Year 22, Day 123-126 (New Mun Lander Launches to Mun Spaceport!)

A Jool Rocket takes off from the Space Center, carrying a new Mun Lander – the Heavy Mun Lander!

The Heavy Mun Lander circularizes, and orbits Kerbin, then takes off to Mun!

Year 21, Day 126

After a three day transit, the Heavy Mun Lander arrives at Mun!

The Heavy Mun Lander docks at Mun Spaceport!

“This new Mun Lander can carry three Kerbals… AND transport the rovers to new locations! It’ll be exciting to see what these can do!”

11 thoughts on “Year 22, Day 123-126 (New Mun Lander Launches to Mun Spaceport!)

  1. I’ve only just been introduced to your blog, and your already on year 22?! I’ve only just recently started play Kerbal Space Program (I’ve known about since 1.9 though), and already I feel jealous. I’m on Year 2 on my game, and I haven’t gone any farther than Minmus. I have been inspired by you though. I’ve even looked into some of the mods you created (sadly, they don’t work with 1.12.2, and CKAN has never worked for me), and I’ve even named some of the rockets I’ve made, and even keep reusing them. Nonetheless, these are great to read, and like seeing the work you put into them, and the missions you do. Sorry that comment made no sense. I don’t often leave them.

    P.S., can you please tell me how to rendezvous, I’ve never been good at it.


    • Hi! So glad you enjoyed reading and really glad that my blog has inspired you to have fun!

      I think getting to Mun is impressive for anyone! If you can get to Mun or Minimus, you can get to anywhere else in the solar system… It just takes more fuel and slight adjustments of your inclination. The Mun is in the same inclination as Kerbin, Minmus is slightly off, and all the other planets have their own inclinations that you need to adjust to, slightly.

      The easy way to rendezvous, and one I tend to do a lot in the later game is to use Mech Jeb. You can read articles about how to rendezvous, but if you watch MechJeb do it a few times you’ll probably figure it out!

      You can also use MechJeb along with the Transfer Window Planner, to make transfers to the other planets easier if you want as well. I’d say I do half my transfers to other planets that way especially ones that are easier to get to. Although for the outer planets like Sarnus and it’s moons I’ll do some of those manually just because they’re tricky!

      All the mods that I’ve made are more utilities than actual mods for the game… You won’t find on ckan but you can download them manually. For the mods I referenced above, they’re pretty popular and I’m pretty sure are kept up-to-date!

      Thanks again for reading, and I hope my missions inspire you to go on your own and you have a lot of fun! 🙂


    • There are plenty of mods to show you how to do a rendevous, but honestly if you’re having troubles there is NOTHING wrong with using MechJeb to help – you can actually learn a lot watching MechJeb do maneuvers!

      All the mods I make don’t actually use KSP, they are mostly templates that use other programs, and you download them outside of CKAN (if you’re interested anyway!)

      Really glad you’re enjoying KSP and good luck in your missions! You really can go anywhere once you go to Mun or Minmus, it’s the same basic principle but it just requires more deltaV (fuel).

      Really do advise trying MechJeb though, and watching some videos about how to use it, I think it’ll be a big help. Have fun regardless! 🙂


      • I wouldn’t be so sure about using mechjeb to learn maneuvers.. at least when I tried it it did a really absurd tactic to reach its target. Perhaps I was using it wrong.

        The best method I used to learn rendezvous was using Mike Aben’s tutorials, they’re a lot newer and better than say Scott Manley’s tutorials. Plus, he was a math teacher so he knows how to teach.

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  2. I am looking forward to more of these, no rush though I’ve only begun to read from year one (already on year two!)
    I have done Mun return missions before a few times but I am still getting the hand of it. Not much time to write.


  3. Thanks! This actually made my day! I now have the courage to put my rover on Duna… If I didn’t miss the transfer window by a few (Kerbal) weeks. Currently, though, I am working on a Minmus Surface base. And in the time I’ve sent the last comment, I’ve managed to dock a lander and module. I couldn’t rondevous back with it, even though it was Minmus, but it’s a start. And don’t worry about the crew. They got back to Kerbin just fine. I put a heat shield on the lander, just so I could have a little wiggle room if I didn’t get a good rendevous.

    I have actually put some thought into Mechjeb. The problem is that I can’t put many mods on my computer, since to many renders tyhe game unplayable. The reason I don’t have any visual mods is because the kracken awoke way to much. Scatterer cause the spacebar not to respond, EVE made my craft clip into the terrain once they loaded, and planetshine crippled the game in a whole new way. But, those are all visual mods, and Mechjeb is a different kind of mod, so I think I’ll give Mechjeb a go. Thanks for your tips!


    • Awesome!

      For installing mods, if you have disk storage space… I suggest backing up your ENTIRE KSP folder before installing mods.

      I actually do a full install back up regularly just in case!

      Mechjeb doesn’t effect performance much at all in my experience 🙂

      Ever thought about starting a blog to track your progress? I (obviously) love it and think it helps a bunch. Especially when I take long breaks hehe

      Good luck with your missions!


      • I have been typing and screenshotting the course of my career saves as of late. I have thought about making my own blog but I don’t think I’m ready yet to create something of that scale.
        I have a question, is there any progress on this blog of yours?


      • Hi! I’ve honestly just been playing other games hehe – I am planning on updating my blueprint template soonish, and remastering several I’d the ones I’d already made. I wanted to print some out, but I was annoyed to find out I’d messed up the dimensions 🙂

        Anyway, probably soon. Have fun Kerbaling!


  4. I’ve finally made a MUN BASE! Yes, there are some problems (like I forgot to drain the monopropellant), and also the lander doesn’t have enough get to orbit, or rendezvous, so I’ll have to pick them up in my designated Mun Rescue Lander. So, yeah. I’m most definitely Kerbaling. Every single service mission I sent crashed, no matter how many time I’ve quicksaved, so that’s a plus. Nonetheless, I find this funny. This is the most Kerbal situation ever.

    About the Kerbal States, when will the next post be? No rush, I saw you said you were playing other games (I’ve come back to Splatoon 2 every now and then), but I really want to see more about the Sarnus mission. Also, what mod are the command pod textures from?


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