Year 22, Day 84 (DSV-3 Horizon Arrives at Sarnus!)

On board Horizon, Kimmy and the rest of the crew start waking up from their Cryo-sleep!

“Good morning everyone!”
-Kimmy, Mission Science Specialist

“Good morning! Let’s get the systems ready for the approach to Slate!”

-Chrisnic, Mission Engineer

The crew rushes to the bridge – when Mitster spots Sarnus!

“Get a picture Kimmy!”

“Wow! That’s the first picture Kerbals have ever taken of Sarnus!”

“…and look how small the sun looks from out here – wow!”

The crew starts powering up systems and verifies full communication with the Kerbin Deep Space Relay Network! After a time delay, a message comes back from Kerbin!

Horizon – this is Gene at Mission Control, back on Kerbin! We’re reading your transmissions loud and clear – good luck!”
-Gene, at Mission Control

The Horizon speeds toward Sarnus…

…and arrives at it’s close approach to Slate, the large moon of Sarnus!

“Main engine … firing! Reactor is showing full power!”

The capture burn into orbit lasts nearly 2 minutes!

Finally, the ship is captured into orbit of Slate!

“Looks like we’ve got orbit! Good work everyone! Time to disconnect the communications probe!”

“Comm dishes are… deployed – undocking probe!”

The probe drifts away from DSV-3 Horizon! The satellite arrays should provide full communication with Kerbin for missions!

As horizon orbits around Slate, the crew starts reviewing data from the orbital insertion, as well as collecting tons of new data from the Sarnusian moon!

Horizon’s cargo bay opens, and the science equipment on the lander starts collecting data! However, Kimmy is the first to crunch the numbers and has some bad news!

“Uh oh! It looks like Slate is much more massive than we thought… this data says that we’re dealing with a lot more gravity than the lander was designed for!”

The crew discusses the situation with Mission Control, and a novel solution is found – change the mission parameters to land on the smaller Sarnusian moon of Eeloo!

“No problem – we can transit to Eeloo in 5 days! Plugging in the maneuver!”

Before departing, Horizon collects information over many biomes as it circles the moon – Kimmy even climbs out and conducts visual surveys for several full orbits!

5 days later, on Day 89, Horizon begins it’s maneuver to Eeloo!

The nuclear engine fires…

… and the Horizon is propelled away from Slate, toward Eeloo!

Another 5 days later on Day 94, Horizon circularizes it’s orbit around Eeloo!

“Looks like orbit has been achieved! Eeloo is pretty similar to Mun – just a bit bigger – our lander shouldn’t have an problems!”


“We just need to find a good landing site. Maybe we can repurpose one of the survey sattelites in orbit of Slate? They should have enough deltaV to make it here!”

Mission Control agrees, and scientists begin working on maneuvers to bring the Slate Surveyor to Eeloo!

2 thoughts on “Year 22, Day 84 (DSV-3 Horizon Arrives at Sarnus!)

  1. Sorry to keep bothering you, but I have a question about the DSV spacecraft. What mods does the cockpit use? Does it use Near-Future Technologies? Or does it use a mod you haven’t listed? I would really like to have new command pods to use, because the MK 1-3 gets boring after a while. I’m sure my loyal victi- I mean Kerbonauts would like to have new ones too! I asked this question about the DSV-2 Discovery, but I don’t think you’d check a post that old.

    One more question, where did you come up with the name KSEA? It’s much more creative than my space program name, Beyond (I’ve had that name for a made up space program before I knew KSP). I’m just very interested in the save you use, because you go much more in-depth into the game and details, while I make a flying hamster to the Mun.


  2. Sorry to keep bothering you, but I have a question about the DSV-3 Horizon. What mods does the cockpit use? Is it part of Near-Future Technologies? Or is it part of another mod you didn’t list on your mods page? I’d love to know, because the plain old MK 1-3 pod gets boring after a while. I’m sure my Kerbonauts would love to have new command pods too, mostly for more ensured safety from my frequent destruction. Either on purpose or by accident.

    Another thing I’d like too know, how did you come up with the name KSEA? It’s a really good name, and I like the Kerbalized NASA logo you made for it. I know there’s a reason to that and why it’s called Kerbal States. Voyag- I mean OGER 2 crashed into Kerbin, and taught Kerbals how to live a more civilized life. Or something. I can’t summarize. Point being, it’s a great name, and much better than my space program’s name, Beyond (it’s quite a catchy name though).

    And one more thing, I actually thought through, and I’ve now started working on a blog! Or trying too! I really can’t work wordpress all that well.


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